January 2014 Equity Crowdfunding Conference in Canada – Free Webinar

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On January 15, 2014, the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto held a half day conference on Equity Crowdfunding in Canada. The conference was about the evolution of Equity Crowdfunding in the Canadian capital markets. Here is the link to the event calendar where you can access the webinar.  It is under “2014” […]

Equity Crowdfunding = Selling Securities on the Internet


A review of articles, media and public references to “crowdfunding” and “equity crowdfunding” suggest the terms do not have a commonly understood meaning. “Crowdfunding” typically refers to non-equity Crowdfunding which includes donation, pre-purchase and rewards and perks platform models and includes portals such as KickStarter, Indiegogo and RocketHub. “Equity Crowdfunding” involves the selling of securities […]

Why is Saskatchewan Seriously Considering Equity Crowdfunding?

Dean Murrison, Director of the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority, the Saskatchewan securities regulator,  is quoted in a news article on why Saskatchewan is seriously considering equity crowdfunding, where he is quoted as saying, “There’s lots of other work being done on crowdfunding among the Canadian Securities Administrators and we’re participating in that … But we […]

Saskatchewan Getting Ready to Legalize Equity Crowdfunding

 October 7, 2013, the Saskatchewan Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (the FCAA) published a framework for a proposed Saskatchewan-only equity Crowdfunding exemption (the Proposed Exemption) and requested public feedback with a comment period ending on November 6, 2013. Although the FCAA originally published a concept equity Crowdfunding proposal in July 13, 2013, it has now been […]